Monday, January 21, 2013


Saturday I managed to sneak out of the house for awhile and made my way down to World Market.  I absolutely love their food section, and usually bring something home to try.  This time, it was caviar on super clearance from Christmas.  I got 4 different kinds for $5.

I have never actually eaten caviar before, but it kind of seemed like one of those things I should do since some people spend a fair amount of money to eat this stuff.   And you know how fancy we are here at the Nelson household/

Chris and I hated it.

And then, because we rock as parents, we made our kids try it.

The babies ate it right up and loved it.  Ava and Owen both started crying.  For real.  They cried because it was eggs from fish, and how gross was that?  So of course I tried to explain that they ate chicken eggs out of chicken butts and how gross was that?  But somehow that argument didn't work in my favor.

Eventually, we had to threaten that they wouldn't get to have friend birthday parties if they didn't try it.  I know that probably sounds harsh, and we were only kidding, not that we let them know that, but we took the time to tell them that it was good to try things even if we thought they sounded gross, and that if we had raised them on caviar they wouldn't think twice about it like they don't with eggs or anything else.

They both eventually ate it.  Ava really fast, and Owen slow so he gagged.

It was pretty funny.  Also, don't ever by caviar because it just tastes like salty fish with a weird texture.

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