Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Stitches and Chaos

Monday night Moyz is running down the hallway, trips and hits the bolt on the hinge of the pantry door.  He had a smallish gaping hole in his head, but I was slightly concerned at how deep it was, and the fact that it was a strange shape and just sitting open for all of the nasty bacteria to crawl in.  You could see all the way down through the fat layers.  But, I wan't quite sure if it was "stitch worthy" so  I decided to wait until Chris got home about an hour later to determine if we needed stitches.


 The Culprit

So off to urgent care we went.  Once there, everyone was covered with those face masks, so of course we did too, and it made me feel all crazy like everyone in Asia they showed on the news with face masks to avoid the bird flu a couple of years ago.

Numbing cream and 2 stitches later, we were out of there.  They would have liked to do 3 but the zigzag of the cut created a problem for them but they got the deep part closed.

It doesn't actually look too bad from these pictures.  (Post Stitches)

I think it's going to leave a mark.  (Post Stitches)

And then yesterday we had to go and get a tetanus booster because somehow in the 8 million doctor visits he's had in the last year and a half, we got behind on shots and since he cut his head on metal they wanted to quick get it in his system.

He started yelling the moment we walked into the office.  I don't know why, it probably had nothing to do with the fact that the night before they covered his face with cloth, had a nurse holding his head still, and his mom laying on top of him to prevent him from thrashing around, not to mention the actual doctor who was stitching his forehead shut.  And to top it all off, while we were in the waiting room another family came out, sat down and looked at all my kids and then said "Are all these kids yours?"  Yes.  "Well one of them pooped their pants".  So I had to go around and look at all their butts, except we were poop free, so I chalked it up to gas.  And Owen kindly offered that maybe it was baked beans.

And then afterwards when I decided to take the 4 of them to Wendy's to eat lunch, a little old man came up to me inside and told me "I hope that kid of yours (Moyz) isn't sick because he's licking the kitchen".  And by kitchen he meant the counter where you pay for your food.  New, terrible, rampant Norovirus here we come.

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