Wednesday, January 9, 2013


I'll get to the calm in a second, but first I need to vent about the fact that Kembia cut her hair.  I put her down for a nap in her and Ava's room, and when I went down to get her after she woke up I saw her pretty little braids on the floor.  She had grabbed a kid scissor before falling asleep and chop, chopped 3 braids off.    The good news is that it was the yarn extensions, but she almost cut up high enough to cut off her actual hair, and I would have been so sad.  When questioned about what happened, she lifted up her hands and said "I don't know".  Right.  And then later that day, I caught Moyz trying to put Kembia's doll into the toilet.  And then I fed the babies bleu cheese stuffed olives, and Kembia told me "It tastes like poop".  Which was an interesting response because I am fairly certain she has never heard that expression before.

OMG, such a good idea!! Keeps kids from getting a hold of the scissors and cutting their own hair (because crazy bangs look good on no one)
This is such a good idea, but so impractical.

Okay, now to the calm.

We visited some friends when we were on the Great Christmas Trip.  Both Chris and I walked through their front door and said something along the lines about how the house was so calming.  Seriously, you walked in and it was like time momentarily stopped.

Basically the walls were a very, very light yellow, although Chris thinks it was cream, but since I know more about colors and have a better eye, I'm going with light yellow.  And then the furniture was all white.  With three young girls running around and an outdoorsy husband.

It's no secret that Chris doesn't like the new blue/gray living room paint.  To put it more bluntly, he despises it.  So, both of us came away from the visit thinking that we need to paint the living room.  Again.  Well, actually I came away thinking I should paint, and Chris came away thinking we should paint but that we probably wouldn't because it's a time waster.  I am not sure what to think about that.  So if I died and he didn't like the color of something, he would just live with it because it takes time for change?  (I should probably add here that we had the best time with our long moved away friends and we didn't just come away with vain things like painting our house!)

Anyway, I have always loved images of white rooms with color in them but not on the walls.  I pin images of mostly white rooms (all white rooms look cold and sterile to me) and absolutely love the look of white with rustic elements in them.  But I have always thought that white rooms were for people who were afraid of color.  Kind of like long hair was for people who were afraid of themselves and life, and needed it to hide behind.  (Coming from someone who now has very long hair because it's totally the best for pony tails and buns.  I've since changed my opinion about long hair, but I do think there are people who hide behind it.)

But, I think I might, yet again, paint the living room/hallway/trim.  Chris doesn't think a very light yellow/cream would make me happy, I don't understand his reasoning myself, but we did find a warmer white to try.  Still, I have my doubts as to how I will feel about it, even after seeing their house and knowing all of the images I have pinned.

Examples of what I like

I don't like the weird yellow artwork or the ugly green pillow on the couch, but I'm feeling everything else.

I lament the fact that we don't have a fireplace a lot.  This picture only makes it worse.

So there's a couple of ideas on what floats my boat.  It will be at least a week before I can try to do this.  Also, I am going to have to paint my curtains because I feel like it is going to be way too much white with white walls, white furniture and white curtains.  I am also thinking that since my bathroom is white (except for the ugly blue and white early 90's countertop) I should probably put a black and white striped shower curtain in there, since I appear to now be going for a black-and-white-with-color house.  I'll probably paint that too because if everything costs a lot Chris will freak, and spending loads of money wasn't one of our 2013 goals.

And then there is the fact that both Chris and my bedroom, and the boys' room, both upstairs and visible from everywhere else, are tan, which doesn't really go with the black and white theme I have moved in to, so probably I will have to paint those two rooms as well......

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