Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Onscreen/Offscreen Downton Abby Actors

So I came across this post through another blog that has onscreen vs. offscreen pictures of the Downton Abbey cast.  (Originally from a site called Papermag, never heard of it before)  Jump over to see all of them.  But holy smokes, I had to post a couple of the most different!

On Screen Ms. O'Brien

Off Screen
Screen shot 2012-01-31 at 3.06.52 PM.png
Can you even really believe it?!  Look how gorgeous she is, I had no idea!

On Screen Mrs. Hughes

Off Screen
Another holy smokes, who knew?

What a difference between these two woman's before and afters!  It makes me think that perhaps I should be busting out just a touch of make-up other than mascara.

And go here to take the PBS "Which Downton character are you" quiz.  I ended up being Isobel Crawley.  Which both annoys me and makes me happy.  It annoys me because somehow I find her antics the most grating on me of all the women on the show, even though I love the decisions she makes and what she stands for, but makes me happy because I love the things that she does.  I am truly hoping that she hires Ethel to come and work in her house.  That ought to shake things up a bit!

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