Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Birthday Pics

On Saturday we had a party for the 3 littles turning 3, 3, and 2.  The weather was finally cooler, so we were outside.  Which was fantastic since our house is tiny, our basement is ripped up and we had 20 people.

Let the pictures come forth.

If you squint really hard you can see it's a Monsters University cake- the theme for the party.

He pretty much hasn't let go of this since Saturday.


Who knew goggles would be so awesome?  Except for Truitt, he would not put them on,

In front of the loot.  We now need to majorly go through and get rid of toys.  I am inspired by this post over at House Tweaking.

A family shot with the neighbors house for a background.  

Tomorrow I will post pictures of what the inside of the house looked like for a Monster's University theme party, as well as free printables and awesome ideas if you want to do the same.  It was a huge hit as all my kids are obsessed with Monsters.

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