Tuesday, July 16, 2013

House Beautiful said what? And a cheaper DIY.

Flipping through the current House Beautiful, I came across this in the section called "the best".

My first thought was they were cute, and my second thought was not $20 for 20 clothespins.  These made it into a fancy design magazine?  People, if you are spending $20 for 20 clothespins then we need to have a little chat on spending money wisely.

It is a great idea.  But do not spend that kind of money on clothespins, of all things.   Buy a pack of $2 clothespins (BTW, I already owned the clothespins, so no worries, didn't break the self-imposed don't buy anything until school starts. Yet.)  and, wait for it, color them yourself.    With the permanent markers I know you already own.  Better yet, make your kids do it.  Like this.

You don't even need instructions for this DIY.  Eat your heart out House Beautiful


  1. I just about died when I saw those in HB, too! I had the kids work out the math - "If Mommy can buy 50 clothespins for $1, how many can she buy for $20?"

    Oh, and I have a hard time believing that anyone spending $1 per clothespin is hanging up their own laundry.

  2. Great idea! I can't believe you got a dog! I often think there is no way we could handle anything else, but then we dog sat for a couple weeks and I thought, it really doesn't add to much (I feel like there must be a threshold for chaos and once you get over it, adding more really doesn't "feel" different).