Friday, July 5, 2013

Strong Willed Child

When I was pregnant with Truitt, someone, actually lots of people, told me he was going to be the easiest and so laid back because he was the youngest of 5.

They were all liars.

Doesn't this just scream easy and relaxed to you?

That kid.  I don't really even have the words to describe him.  Naughty, defiant.  Never know what type of mood he will be in.  We call him our disgruntled employee.

He went through a stage where every time you gave him something other then milk, which he only got at meals, then he would be throw the cup as hard as he could across the room.  He always tells me no, grunts in defiance, hits and screams.  Last week I literally drug him across three baseball fields to get to the fourth where Owen was playing, all because he wanted to stay on the playground.

When he's in a good mood, I have never met a child sweeter than him.  We just never really know which side of Truitt we'll get at any one moment.

I'm almost yanking my hair out with what to do with this little rascal.  I found this link that gives advice on what to do with strong willed children.  Unfortunately, it's more aimed at kids older than Truitt.  Hopefully, this is just the terrible twos rearing it's ugly head and he'll grow out of it.  Maybe I'm just more stressed because I also have two kids going through the terrible threes.  I don't know.

You'd think after all these kids I would have this all figured out by now.  Any thoughts or tips?

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