Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Monsters University Birthday Party

I decided on Thursday night that I wanted to up the ante a little bit when it came to the littles' party.  I was feeling mom guilt since we didn't throw them a party the year before and all that.  So I hopped on Pinterest to find some inspiration.  Pinterest is like google, if you aren't careful you should probably just stay away.

Here's a few ideas I found.

Monsters University Party #monstersuniversity #party 
                    Here                                                         Here

Playful Monsters University Themed Party               Monsters University party ideas. When I have a son... Blakey's birthday cake!
                  Here                                                              Here

There's a ton more, so give it a lookie.  I was a little overwhelmed since I had only 1 day to get stuff for the party, and also since all the pictures everything looks amazing and well, fairly professional, which correlates with expensive.  I mean look at that fun polka dot fabric in the first picture.  But I didn't have the budget for that.

So I give you the cheap mom's version of a Monsters Party.

Everyone likes balloons and streamers.  And if you look really hard you can see on the back wall there are some cut outs.  I found this free printable and printed off a bunch on cardstock, cut them out and plastered them over pretty much every wall in the house.  It's also what I used to top the cake with.  If I had all the money in the world, I would have bought a ton of helium balloons and filled the ceiling with them, the 6 I got looked so awesome just hanging out.

I cannot wait for my new bathroom!  

Monster Jigglers.  The mold is one dollar in the Jello aisle at Walmart.

Monster plates from Walmart, Monster pencils and balls from the dollar section right now in Target.  

I couldn't find a link to it, but I also went into the party section at Walmart and bought the Monsters decorating kit for $6.50 that had a ton of hanging items, and three large posters.  You can see two of the three in the picture below.

I used this from Pinterest and cut out the circles and taped to cups.

Monsters university party cupcake toppers

And then I went to this website and printed off a ton of free coloring printables so all of the 11 children could go to town.

And because I am a glutton for punishment, I topped it all of with sugar infused green and purple juice.   And green twizzlers cut in half in little tin pails that we had from Easter.   It was a lot of fun, and when the kids came out Saturday morning after I decorated the night before, all three of them told me "it's so beautiful!".

It took quite a long time to decorate, so we probably will leave everything up for at least a week!  Now Owen says he wants a Monsters party too!


  1. Totally off topic but I love your dining room!! The dark is so awesome!

    1. Thanks! I went black probably 18 months ago, and I totally love it!

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  3. Monsters University Birthday Party!! It is looking outstanding. The theme is stunning and the color schemes are super amazing. We also will be attending a grand party for our twin’s birthday. I will be booking an indoor rental venue NYC for this bash. If you have venue suggestions, please let me know.