Wednesday, July 17, 2013

DIY Windfall

I am finally almost finished with my oversized growth ruler.  I just need something from the hardware store to fasten it to the wall.  In the mean time, I decided to go through my meager pins on Pinterest and post some of my favorites, yet to be accomplished at my house.

DIY Paper Wall Art.  Definitely happening when we get the new bedroom.  Trouble is, which kids will want it?  Answer:  all of them

DIY picture frame tray.  I am regretting a tray that I missed out on at Target when Jonathan Adler (I think it was him!) collaborated.  But then I found this just this week.  Awesome.


As soon as my self-imposed not buying anything until school starts, I am immediately rushing out and getting everything to make these amazing bracelets.

DIY faux snakeskin table.  Be still my heart.  (Confession, I usually hate when bloggers use that phrase, but truly, it sums up the feeling better than anything else I can think of!).  If you don't want to do a whole table, I saw this lamp on Target just this morning.  Their Threshold line is constantly amazing me.

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