Thursday, July 18, 2013

Guess Who Turned 3?!

My baby girl had a birthday this week.  3 years old, I can barely believe it.  And today is the day the kids first landed in America- home two years.  Time flies.  Like crazy.  In fact, I can barely remember life without them.  Which makes me think my brain might be a little fried since Ava was 8 and Owen 4 when they came home.

See this cake?  It's the first time I've used props, butterflies from the dollar store.  Normally I just make a two layer cake and call it a day.  But Chris said I've set the bar really high for myself now, and I have to admit the cake did look so stinkin' cute!

These dolls are currently at Walmart for $4.97.  They don't have too much make-up, come in two shades of black, plus a Latino colored (and white, obviously) and are dressed fairly appropriately.  Which is more than I can say about the current crop of Barbies.  Run to get one if your little likes dolls!

At her three year checkup the doctor said that while tiny, 20% for weight, and 3% for height, she thinks she will make it to 5 feet.  But gave a disclaimer that you never know with kids who come home severely malnourished like Kembia was.

July 18, 2011- Two years ago today.  Picking them up from the airport.  She looks a tad shell-shocked.

Here's her stats:  At the first doctor visit, one week after she came home she weighed 14 lbs. 7 oz.  At 12 months old.  I almost cry thinking about it.  She was 2 feet and 2 inches tall.  Her hands were the same size as her newborn brothers (born three weeks after she got home), and she wore 3 month sized clothes.

This week she was 27 pounds, and 2 feet 10 inches.  Doesn't sound like a whole lot of growth in 2 years, but we are so proud of her.

We love you baby girl!  (To which she'd reply "I'm not a baby!")

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