Wednesday, July 10, 2013

What I'm Reading

Summer is great for reading.  You want the kids outside, but if you don't have a fenced in yard, and littles to worry about, you have to be out there with them lest they run out into a road.  However, if I don't have something to do then I think about all the crap inside the house I should be doing and it drives me crazy.

Really, I am just justifying yet another reason why reading rocks.

Here's what I have going on right now.

1.  American Sniper

This is actually a fascinating book written by the US military's top sniper.  Incidentally, he was shot and killed this past February in the US by a fellow soldier he was helping who was struggling with PTSD.  A very interesting read and thought provoking in terms of my ideas about war.

2.  Inkheart

If you are only familiar with this because of the movie, please know that the movie is crap.  But the book, the book is magical.  This is a several time repeat for me.  I started it again this last time after the drive home from South Dakota.  They had these low scrub bushes that for whatever reason give me an idea of the Italian countryside, even though I have never been, and this book is based in Italy.  If you are a bibliophile even just a smidgen, this woman does the best descriptions of loving books I have ever read.  I love it so much that my paperback is falling apart and I ordered the hardcover, plus the ebook for my kindle so I can easily take it where ever I go.  That's love.

3.  The Odyssey

This exact one specifically.  It's one of the Penguin clothbounds I have been slowly collecting.  Although technically, I am not sure if you can say I am reading this since I only read the first page.  But, it is in my pile of "current" books.  And I think I am going to like it.  And only just a little ashamed that I made it into my 30's before getting to it.

4.  7- An Experimental Mutiny Against Excess

This one focuses on a woman who went on a journey for 7 months where every month she reduced an area of excess in her life.  For one month she only ate 7 foods, for another she wore only 7 items of clothing.  The goal is to simplify her life so she has more room to focus on Jesus and the things he wants from her, rather than what we think society wants from us.  Pretty interesting and kind of makes me want to attempt it.

Anything good I should know about?

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