Tuesday, July 2, 2013

FEED by Lauren Bush

Have you heard of FEED?  It's a non-profit that Lauren Bush (yes, President Bush's niece) formed to help feed children all across the world.

I have been obsessed with this purse for literally a couple of years.

                                           But at $250, it's quite out of my price range.

                                    They do have this little beauty that tempts me as well.

                              This one is $45 dollars and it provides 100 meals for people.

FEED just partnered with Target and have all sorts of goodies in stores.

I'm tempted to buy these for organization in the boys' room.
FEED for Target Fabric Storage Bins (set of 2)        FEED for Target Wire Storage Bin

Or how about these water bottles.   Or these dish towels?

FEED for Target Acrylic Water Bottle           FEED for Target Kitchen Towel (set of 3)

Totally awesome.  And a good cause. (There's lots more stuff besides these too.)  Because what we all need is another reason to go to Target!

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