Monday, July 8, 2013


Well, our basement reno has been postponed a month.  Just imagine the tears coming from my face.  For various reasons, including an extremely high water table we need to get beneath to do piping, and our friend who is doing the reno has a two week government job that pays much better than home reno, and so we wait.

I'll get over it.

In the mean time in between begging Chris to just "dig that egress window already", I have been virtually shopping.  So, so dangerous.

Look at what I found for the new bathroom.  A periodic table of the elements shower curtain.

Vintage Periodic Table Shower Curtain
I seriously cannot stand it.

Who comes up with this stuff?  It's from the website cafepress, where pretty much they can custom make anything for you.  I can totally see this with my new bathroom upstairs.  Originally, I was going to put it in the kids' bathroom downstairs.  But then I realized that they wouldn't appreciate it, and the nerd in me can't reconcile with this being in the basement and every visitor who comes to the house would totally miss out...

So then because I stole the kids' shower curtain, I had to keep  looking.  And here's what I came up with.

Octopus Antique Illustration Shower Curtain
You don't find this in the aisle at Target.

They only hesitation I have with this is that is it too much of a cliche' to put this in a bathroom?  All of those bathrooms filled with shells drive me crazy.  And here I am going to stick a ginormous Octopus in mine?  And then I wonder how I would decorate the walls.  I'm going to have to ponder this...

Perhaps this?

Black and White Chevron Pattern Shower Curtain
Chevron, I don't care if it is getting old, I cannot get over it!I can totally see a white and black bathroom, maybe with a bright coral accent color?  

And then there is this strange one.  

Money World Map Shower Curtain
A shower curtain of the world with the currencies of different countries.  Strange, and unique, but not really in the running.

And therein lies the problem, with too much time to sit and ponder, I go crazy.  It's probably why I have had 8 colors in my kitchen- I cannot stand the same thing too long and there are too many awesome choices out there.  But seeing as the Nelsons don't have any money trees in the backyard, I kind of have to pick something and go with it for the foreseeable future.


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