Monday, July 29, 2013


This is Truitt last night at supper, who could not be prevailed upon to finish up his meal, not even for a fresh chocolate chip cookie.  See how his mouth is goofy?  That's because he was storing up food in those cheeks of his for winter.  Just like a squirrel.  

So we sent him to bed early.  (Partly too because he is getting over being sick.)  Guess who was still wide awake 2 hours later?

I think the word for him is incorrigible.  (I totally had to google that to find the meaning.  I saw it on another blog describing something and I just really wanted to use it!)

Also, he has the best hair ever.  I have hair envy of my two year old.  My plan is to never, ever cut it.  Until someone tells me that he looks like a girl, and then maybe I will realize that I took it a little too far.  Like Rachel Zoe's kid.

PS: Today is basement renovation start day!  Finally!

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